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Full time service, without the overheads

Smarter tailored vessel management to suit all budgets, where we differ is in how we share our crew of experts across our managed boats. Take advantage of group rates with others on similar maintenance schedules. 


Smart aye!

Clean Boat

Are modern controllers catching up on you?

We get it, however, we also make it easy to master the new tricks and toys. 

We can train anyone!


Full time crew,


Take advantage of our team working full time across our group, rather than one off jobs.



Peace of mind.

That's smart vessel management.

We know the best times to lift

Relationships, our secret.

We get the inside word on spaces and last-minute gaps. 


Why pay peak rates? 


Arrive ready,

not early.

Remove your shoes and go!

Your boat is setup before you arrive then taken care of after you leave.


Enjoy your day

Leave it to us. 

Boat Cleaner
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